Your Product Failed

The right customer signed up, but the product wasn't right for them.

Too slow

How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line

Too buggy

Some bugs are discovered deep in your product and are found by people who have used it for many many months. Some bugs are stumbled upon by new signups early in their onboarding process. It’s your job as the product owner or manager to prioritize these issues. All software has bugs. As your customer base grows you’ll find more and more issues.

Too confusing

It's easy to say that this is an onboarding issue, but no amount of good onboarding will make up for a SaaS app that's poorly designed, too hard to understand, or has poor navigation.

Missing features or too many features

How do you know when you have too many features or not enough?

This can be tricky. You will always have some customers that think your app would be "perfect if it only did this one little thing." Here are some things to keep in mind when you're thinking of adding (or taking away) features.

  • How many people are asking for this? Most of the time either a lot or very few people will ask for the feature. Don't build features for one customer.
  • Is the feature game changing? Features that are this significant should be built.
  • What is the Total Cost of Ownership? Some features don't cost that much to build but do cost a lot to maintain. When deciding on building something make sure you consider what it will cost to keep it running. EG., is it an API integration and the API is going to keep changing and need updating regularly.
  • Does anyone really want it? Have you even asked your current customers if they want it, or if they'd be willing to pay a little bit more each month to use it? Sometimes what seems like a great idea to you stinks to everyone else.
  • Can you build a smaller version of the feature? Maybe you can build 80% of the functionality in 20% of the time. Maybe you can build a smaller version to gauge interest.
  • Are there libraries that you can use so you don't have to build all of it? If you have a "not built here" mentality, you should get some therapy.
  • Can we live without it? If you can live without it, maybe you should?
  • Will it make things easier or add confusion? If your app is already complicated or confusing, then adding any feature, even a really good one, might cost customers.
  • What's the ROI on the feature? If you can't calculate the Return On Investment on the feature, maybe you shouldn't build it.
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