Not Sold on the Product

If you can connect with your customers emotionally BEFORE they sign up, they will be happier, feel more comfortable to reaching out to support, stay longer, and recommend your product.

For most SaaS apps the end of the funnel is when someone completes the signup page. With this thinking we might rush them to that page, have them signup (YAY!), only to have them churn at the end of the free trial (BOOOO!). What happend? We did everything right?

The problem might simply be that they weren't sold on the app when they signed up.

What does "Sold on" mean anyways?

If you think about the last big purchase you made, like a car, you probably didn't go out to a dealership, sit in the car, and then just buy it. You probably bought the car that you were sure was the right one. There's a whole sales process that went on, whether you were aware of it or not, each sales person you spoke with nudged you on the way; each car you test drove brought you a little bit further along that sales process. When I was in my early twenties I spent a year selling cars. We used to say that people bought a car when they were ready, but it was our job to make them ready right now. I can't tell you how many times people walked from the dealer next door and then bought a car from me instead. I knew that people were also walking away from me and bought one at the next dealer they saw.

In SaaS apps we think there is no sales process because everything is self serve. But there is a sales process and if people don't go through it then when they signup they won't like your app as much they should.

Sell the Sizzle

As in all sales, you want to sell the sizzle, not the steak. Your brochure site should not only focus on what your app does, but also, maybe even mainly, on what the customer will get out of it. For LessChurn we try to focus on increasing revenue.

That One Thing

When buying your last car did you choose one over the other because it had one or two things that the others did not? When I bought my last car I had narrowed the decision down to two cars and I chose one over the other because the nav system had a bird's-eye view, and the other did not. That was it. I just knew I'd be annoyed every time I drove it. That one thing will be different for everyone, but it's important to stress the differences. You don't want to lose a customer because they weren't aware that you had exactly what they were looking for.

Easy to Read

As much as people don't want waste time reading your copy, they moreover don't want to waste time signing up and poking around just to find out that your app doesn't have the features they're looking for. (There's the added time of canceling and unsubscribing from your newsletters and the worry that you will sell their email address.)

The crucial information should be easy to find and easy to read with links so they can dig deeper on what interests them. Maybe a video for each highlighted feature.

Create Excitement

When people are excited they make are willing to pay more and even over look certain issues. Maybe you get people excited because they know you give part of your profits to their favorite charity. Maybe it's because they feel like your product was made just for them. Figure out what you can do to get people excited before they signup.

A Good Deal is a State of Mind

On the car lot I always made more money from people who were really happy and excited. And more importantly, these people were always happier about the deal they got, even if they paid more than others. You're not negotiating price with your customers, but if they are excited and feel good about the product they will see more value in it.

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