Marketing Issues

The wrong traffic is coming to your website.

Perhaps your traffic is looking to solve problems that you’re not trying to solve. Maybe even people signup thinking they’re signing up for something else. Here are two examples:

  • We have customers coming from articles about churn calculation, but they aren’t really looking or primed to buy churn reduction software. This traffic has a higher bounce rate, so your goal is to capture their email and teach them long term. Then hopefully, one day, they’ll need this kind of software.
  • Your website isn’t clear about what your product does so people signup looking for features/values that you don’t nor intend to have.

Having traffic that isn’t primed and ready to buy your product isn’t terrible, but it does require more work on your end to keep your product on the top of their mind.

This additional work can come by you teaching them. Asking for an email address and teach them about other subjects that compliment your offering. In LessChurn, we do this by teaching about SaaS metrics calculation, churn types and calculation algorithms and other typically “boring” subjects that every business owner must be informed on.

Tools to help convert traffic

  • Exit Monitor: When a visitor lands on your website, Exit Monitor begins tracking that visitor's mouse movement and velocity to determine their exact position on your page.
  • Hello Bar: The Hello Bar is a notification bar that draws web users to an important call to action on your website.
  • GetDrip: Drip is lightweight marketing automation that doesn't suck.

The Wrong Type Of Person Signed Up

Some signups you’ll receive are people that aren’t right for your business/app, and that’s okay. Part of being a product manager is saying "no" to feature requests and offering workarounds. It’s especially tough during the first few years of your product’s life to stay "no" to customers who dangle their money in front of you.

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