Lifecycle Emails

Engage your customer with the right emails

The goal of lifecycle emails is to reduce churn in your app. You do this by addressing pain points, emotional/mental hurdles and onboarding issues via email. There's so much great content already written about lifecycle emails. Here are our favorites.

SaaS Lifecycle Email Starter Kit 20 essential emails for successful SaaS apps by Richard Felix
An exceptionally-detailed look at the 17 emails Baremetrics sends to reduce churn and grow their business. Josh, the founder, breaks these emails into 5 categories, with the first two having the most application for reducing churn: The 17 emails we send to engage customers, reduce churn & increase revenue by Josh Pigford
Take Charge of Your Churn Rate Example Lifecycle Emails for ChartMogul by ChartMogul
No startup has ever died because they spent too much time talking to customers. Intro to Lifecycle Emails by Patrick McKenzie
On the highway to user/product love, lifecycle emails are road signs providing timely guidance, not annoying billboards. Lifecycle Emails: Magic Pixie Dust for User Onboarding. by Samuel Hullick
You should be using email to help drive customer activation. Lifecycle Email Examples by GetVero
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