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Losing customers that you can keep

Since there are varied reasons your customers quit, you might be able to combat some of these reasons at the time of cancellation.

LessChurn replaces your "delete my account" button with a list of options (detours).

The basic concept is offer them a free month if they stay. Take this to the next level and you can do a lot:

Some customers aren't ready to leave

  • Some people just ran out of time on their trial: Extend their trial.
  • Some people got lost: Show them your top FAQ.
  • Some people are a little bit upset: Let them contact the founders directly.
  • Some people aren't sold on the value: Offer them a coupon.
  • Some people just want to pause their billing, but you don't offer that: Now you do. And we'll automatically restart their billing at the right time.
  • Some people need less than they signed up for: Give them the option to move to a lower plan.

And for those really want to leave, collect some useful feedback on their way out.

Send "Checking In" email just before deletion

When someone comes to your account deletion screen LessChurn can automatically send them an email (from a founder? from support?) that says "We're just checking in to see how things are going." Some people will reply to that email instead of quitting.

See a list of everyone who's viewed the delete my account screen

These people need some special attention.

See a profile of your unhealthy customer

We're working on this now.

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