Emils This article was written by Emils Veveris who is an optimization consultation. He helps his clients grow more revenue by turning more of their website visitors into happy customers.

Finding Your Ideal Customer

Figure this out it'll makes your work much easier.

Your marketing efforts become more effective, you know where to find them, you know how to convince them to sign up, and you know how to keep them happy (and paying) for longer periods of time.

It’s difficult to figure this on your own because everything you think you know about your ideal customer is essentially just a guess...unless you talk to the people who are using your software. If you don’t know who your ideal customer is, you are shooting in the dark. So you should gather feedback at every opportunity to get into your customers’ heads and learn as much as you can about them.

What you want to know?

It depends on your market/business, but here are some essential questions.

  • Who are these signups and where do they come from?
    • How do they identify themselves?
    • What words do they use to describe themselves and the services/products THEY sell?
    • Which sites do they visit, etc.?
  • What specific problem are you solving for them?
    • How is their life better because of your service?
    • Lesson: This is how you figure out the customer’s desired outcome.
  • What words do your customers use to describe the type of service YOU offer, and its features?
    • You can borrow their words to write better copy on your marketing page?
    • Lesson: Help prospective clients better understand the value you are offering.
  • What ultimately convinced them to sign up?
    • Lesson: You want to know what’s working for you in your current marketing page.
  • What’s preventing them from signing up?
    • What’s unclear to them, what fears and doubts do they have about you?
    • What’s preventing them from paying you?
  • What made them choose you instead of your competitor?
    • How are you different, and who do they compare you to?
    • What are they going to use if they don’t use your product?
  • What’s making them cancel their accounts?
    • Did you do something wrong, or perhaps your product isn’t a good fit?
    • What they love (or hate) about your product?
    • This is the closest you get to asking about features.
  • If they use nothing, how much worse off are they?
  • Finally ask yourself: Is there something missing or you are targeting the wrong crowd?

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